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This is the book I've been wanting to write for the past 20 years. It is a recipe book, a travel book and a book telling the history of some of my favourite ingredients. It was commissioned by Penguin New Zealand, designed and edited there, but photographed in the UK by Jean Cazals - the man who has shot all of my books. Released in New Zealand in October 2009, it is released in the UK by Jacqui Small in March 2010, with a slightly different title 'Fusion - a culinary journey'. There are many photos I've taken myself during my travels over the years, as well as a lovely photo taken on Mum and Dad's wedding day over 50 years ago. In this book alongside the recipes

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I also delve into the history of ingredients from all over the world, their travels and final integration into foreign cuisines around the globe. Food is on the move and it's always been that way - to force it to conform to political boundaries smacks just a little of culinary fascism. It's a great read and my favourite book so far.